How to Use the Xvid Codec

One of many types of video codecs, Xvid offers video compression at a 200 to one ratio. Whether you want to create videos with Xvid or play back existing videos that use the codec, you need to download the software from the Xvid website to use it in conjunction with a video player or video editing software.

Playing Xvid Videos

If you have a video that won't play because you don't have Xvid, download and install the codec from the Xvid website. The codec does not include its own video player, so you won't run it as a program after installation. Instead, installing Xvid allows your existing video software, such as Windows Media Player, to play encoded video files.

Creating Xvid Videos

As with video playback, video creation using Xvid relies on other software on your computer, as Xvid does not come with its own video editing program. After installing the codec, most video editing and transcoding programs will support Xvid compression as an output option. Xvid lists VirtualDub and Auto Gordian Knot as two suggested programs that work with the Xvid encoder. (See Reference 1).