How to Use Vobsub With Windows Media Player

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The Vobsub plug-in for Windows Media Player adds subtitles to video files encoded using the DivX or Xvid codecs. That means that if you're watching a foreign video compressed with DivX or Xvid, you'll need to install Vobsub before Windows Media Player is capable of displaying any subtitles associated with the file. Fortunately, installation of Vobsub is designed to be an easy process, and once the plug-in is installed, displaying subtitles is as easy as putting the subtitle file in the right folder.


Step 1

Download the Vobsub plug-in. Double-click the downloaded file and click "Next" to install.

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Step 2

Navigate to the folder on your computer containing a DivX or Xvid movie file that you wish to add subtitle data to.


Step 3

Move the Vobsub subtitle file, identifiable by a ".vst" suffix, into the same directory as the video file it corresponds to.

Step 4

Right-click the video file and click "Rename." Right-click the highlighted text and choose "Copy."



Step 5

Right-click the subtitle file and select "Rename." Right-click the highlighted text and choose "Paste." Check to make sure that the name of the subtitle file still ends in ".vst," then press "Enter" to rename the file.

Step 6

Right-click the movie file and select "Open With." Click "Windows Media Player." The video will open with subtitles automatically displayed by the Vobsub plug-in.



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