How to Use Your iPhone Calendar

Using a calendar app on your smartphone helps you keep track of your appointments wherever you are. A good calendar app has a variety of calendar views (day, month, year), enables you to add events and find existing ones and syncs with other services, like Google, iCal and Outlook. The iPhone calendar app has all of these features.

Calendar 2015 On Smartphone Showing Future Plans
The iPhone calendar app has day, week, month or year views.
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Open Calendar App

The calendar operates like other apps on your iPhone. To open the calendar, press its icon, featuring today’s date and the word “calendar.” Don’t press too hard because this might make all the apps start jiggling which designates delete mode. If this happens, press on the Home button to settle the icons, then lightly tap the calendar icon to open it.

View Day, Week and Month

The iPhone calendar app has day, week, month or year views. To view a day, tap the “Today” box at the bottom left. Scroll up and down to see appointments or swipe the week to change weeks. Tap on the specific day at the top of the week's list to view another day. To change the view to the current month, tap the icon shaped like an arrow. Tap the arrow icon again to see the year.

In the month view, dots appear on dates with appointments. Tap on a day to get the day view. Add an appointment and see the color change for that time or day. You can also view a day’s events in the month view without switching screens. Just tap on the new list view – the rectangle icon with two lines, on the left side of the magnifying glass icon - and see your appointments for that particular day.

Create an Event

Create new appointments from any of the views (year, month, day). Tap on the plus icon to launch the “Add Event” screen. Tap on the line to activate the cursor. To indicate time of day, move the “All-day” button to the right (which turns it green) to choose event start and end times.

Tap the “Never” tab to make an event recur and choose its frequency. Invite others to your event by tapping on “None” and then add people’s emails to the invitation. Set up alerts to never miss an appointment. Tap on “None” to the right of “Alert.” Enter a URL (link) to connect the event to a Web page in Safari. Tap on the magnifying glass icon to access the search menu, then enter a date, a person's name, or day of the week to find a specific event. Don’t worry about getting lost in the different views and screens; you can always find the current day by tapping on the "Today" icon.

Sync IPhone Calendar To Your Google, ICal and Outlook Calendar

Sync all your calendars with your iPhone calendar app to centralize your appointments. Sync your iPhone calendar to your Google account by adding Google to your mail account. Just select "Settings," then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars," then "Add Account" and choose "Google" from the selection. Finally, enter your name, Gmail address and password. If you want only your calendar to sync, turn off Emails, contacts and reminders.

Sync your iPhone calendar with your iCal Calendar via iTunes. Just select "Sync iCal Calendars" from the list of calendars and specify the time period. Syncing with Outlook is similar. First, sync your iPhone calendar with your Outlook calendar via iTunes. Then select "Outlook" from the list of calendars in the "Sync calendars from" choice. Choose to sync one or multiple calendars.