How to Watch an iPhone Movie on the TV

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IPhones are multifaceted devices and have their share of features, one of which is video playback. iPhones can play back any MP4 video files, as well as movies purchased from the iTunes store. Although watching your movie collection on the go is convenient, if you want to share your videos with friends, you'll need a bigger screen. Connecting an iPod to your television is a fairly straightforward process, but will require some special equipment.


Step 1

Purchase compatible A/V cables. There are two main cables that Apple produces: component and composite. Composite cables connect the iPhone to the red, yellow and white cables on a standard-definition set. Component cables plug into the component inputs on a high-definition television set and produce HD-quality video.


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Step 2

Connect your iPhone to a power source. Since playing back video is one of the most battery-heavy operations you can perform with your iPhone, it is best to plug it in before you start streaming so you can prevent your iPhone from dying halfway through the movie.

Step 3

Plug the data end of the cord into the bottom of the iPhone, with the TV symbol facing the same way as the iPhone screen.



Step 4

Go to the "Settings" area of your iPhone and then go to "iPod." Scroll all the way down, and then toggle the "TV Out" option to the "On" position.

Step 5

Plug the composite/component cable into the back of the TV screen. Then tune the television to the input channel. Once you navigate to the movie on your iPhone, it should play on your TV.



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