How to Wear a Headset

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How to Wear a Headset. People wear a headset to free their hands while talking on the phone. Another reason to wear a headset is to listen to the conversation and hear it with no distractions from the noise in the room. Choose the type of headset most comfortable for your ear and wear it whenever you answer your phone.


Step 1

Choose the type of headset you want to wear. There are three basic types, the ones that go over your head, around your ear, or an ear bud that goes inside your ear.

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Step 2

Try on the headset before you buy it. You may not be comfortable with an ear bud even though they are convenient.


Step 3

Grasp your headset that goes over the head with two hands. If this headset goes over both ears, hold the headset by the two earmuffs.

Step 4

Pull the earmuffs apart until there is enough room to put it around your head. Place each earmuff completely over each ear. Make sure the headset is not too tight or too loose. Adjust to wear on your head by pulling the band out far enough to fit both ears or sliding the band back to make the fit more snug.


Step 5

Place the earmuff over only one ear if you choose the headset that goes over the head but has one receiver. Grasp the headset by the one earmuff and grasp the other end. Place it on your head and make sure the one earmuff fits directly over whichever ear you want to use. Adjust the band looser or tighter as needed.


Step 6

Take the over the ear headset in one hand. Place the earpiece against whichever ear you want to use. Now take the semi circle attached to the earpiece, and place this around your ear.

Step 7

Select the ear bud type of headset. Pick it up with one hand and insert the bud directly into whichever ear you want to use. Do not force it into your ear but make sure it is in far enough that it will not fall out.