How to ZIP a Video File to Send by Email

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Zip a file so it fits better on your computer, and is also easier to email.

When you zip a file, you compact that file and make it smaller. You can send a smaller file through email, which can then be opened up after the receiver has unzipped it. Zipping a video file might seem tricky, but it is really an easy process. You can zip a file in a couple of easy steps, and your receiver can just as easily unzip it.


Step 1

Right click on your desktop and choose "Create New" and then "Folder." Name the folder something you'll remember or something the receiver will recognize.

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Step 2

Right click on the video and select "Save As." Then "Browse" to find the folder, and save the video inside of the folder.


Step 3

Right click on the name of the folder that now contains the video. Choose "Send To" and then choose "Zip File." The program will create a zipped folder that contains the video, and anything else you put into the folder.


Step 4

Compose your email message and select "Attach File." Browse through your computer and select the zipped file. Attach it to your email and send it.




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