I Forgot My Android Gmail Login

By Steven Melendez

You can reset your Gmail password and recover your username through Google's website on either an Android device or another machine.

Recover your Gmail account name or reset your Gmail password using Google's Trouble Signing In page on your phone or another device. When you've recovered your password, type it into Gmail on your Android phone to log in.


As a security measure, Google won't let you log in to a device running Android 5.1 or higher after resetting the device to factory settings if you've also reset your password within 72 hours. If you want to reset your device and have forgotten your password, you'll have to wait three days after changing the password to reset the device.

Recovering Your Gmail Username

If you've forgotten your Gmail account name as well as your password, you can recover this using your Android phone or any other device with Internet access.

Step 1

If you're tried unsuccessfully to sign in to your Gmail account on your Android, you'll see a message telling you you've entered the wrong credentials. Go to Google's Trouble Signing In page.

Step 2

Trouble Signing In page has three options.

Select I Don't Know My Username, then press Continue.

Step 3

Enter your other email address.

To have your username sent to an alternate email address you provided when you set up your Gmail account, select the Enter your recovery email address radial button and enter your email in the blank field.

Enter your phone number and select a contact option.

Alternately, have your username texted or read by an automated system to a phone number you provided when you set up your account. Select the Enter your recovery phone number radial button and enter your phone number in the field. Select a contact option.

Step 4

Enter your name and check the box.

After entering your desired contact method, enter your first and last name in the First and Last boxes and check the I'm not a robot box. Press Submit and wait for a call, text or email from Google with your username.

Resetting Your Gmail Password

Reset your Gmail password through Google's Trouble Signing In page on your Android phone or another device.

Step 1

Go to the Trouble Signing In page.

On Google's Trouble Signing In page, select I Don't Know My Password.

Step 2

Enter Gmail address and press Continue.

Enter your Gmail address in the Email Address box and press Continue.

Step 3

Account help offers two options.

Enter the last password you can remember for your account in the blank field and click Continue, or click I don't know if you can't remember any password you've used with that account.

Step 4

Choose a verification method.

Google will present you with a partially blacked out version of an email address you provided when you set up your Gmail account. If you have access to that address, press Continue and Google will email you a link that you can click to reset your password.

Otherwise, select the Verify Your Identity link to answer additional questions and provide an alternative email address for the password reset link.

Step 5

Provide an email address.

On the Verify Your Identity screen, type an email address to which you do have access and retype where requested. Then, press Continue.

Step 6

Answer questions about your account.

Google will ask you a series of questions about your account to verify your identity. Answer each page of questions and press Continue at the end of each page.

Step 7

Enter new password and click Change Password.

When you've successfully answered the questions, Google will send a link to the email address you provided. Use this link to access the Reset Your Password page. Enter your new password and re-enter it where indicated before clicking Change password.

Logging in on Your Phone

Whenyou know your username and password, you can log back in on your Android phone.

Step 1

Touch Sign-In.

You will see a message in the Gmail app indicating that you weren't able to sign in. Tap the Sign-In button.

Step 2

Enter password and tap Sign In.

Enter your username if it's not already saved, along with your password, then press Enter or tap Sign In. Your Gmail inbox will load normally.