How to Recover My Google Password From My Android Phone

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Reset your Google password to regain access to your account.
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Google does not provide a way to explicitly recover a lost password, but with a few simple steps you can change your password to something else if you've lost or forgotten your current password. This process is identical no matter which Android device you are using. In fact, since the process is done entirely within a Web browser, you could also reset your password from a computer or tablet.


Step 1

Open the Web browser on your Android device, navigate to a Google sign-in page and then tap "Need help."

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Step 2

Click "I don't know my password," enter your Google email address, and then click "Continue."


Step 3

Follow the password reset wizard, entering the catchpa code, the last password you remember using and your phone number. A verification code will be sent via text message to your phone.

Step 4

Enter the verification code, and then tap "Continue."


Step 5

Enter a new password for your Google account and then tap "Reset Password."

Step 6

Enter the verification code, and then click "Continue."


If you did not provide Google with your mobile phone number, the reset process instead prompts you to check your alternate email address or answer a series of security questions in order to change your Google password.

It's a good idea to verify that all available password recovery options are correctly configured once you have finished resetting your password. Simply log in to Google, select "Account" from the user menu and then select the "Security" tab. In the "Recovery & Alerts" section, ensure that your mobile phone number and backup email address are both current and accessible points of contact.


Your Google account is a gateway to countless Web services. Be sure to pick a strong password that is easy to remember. Google provides a useful guide for creating a strong password and additional tips to help you remember it (see Resources for link).