How to Find the Location of a Cell Phone Number

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Find the Location of a Cell Phone Number

Are unknown cell phone calls waking you up in the middle of the night? Do strange area codes make you wonder if answering your cell phone will cause a rise in your monthly bill? Never fear, finding out the locations of unknown phone calls is easy if you have Internet access and the phone numbers handy.


Step 1

Open the cell phone and go through the recent call list. Some phones have a missed, received and dialed number listings; go through all three lists if necessary.

Step 2

Write down all the phone numbers you wish to know the locations to. Writing down the phone numbers will be easier than keeping the cell phone open. If the cell phone is open, you may run down its battery.

Step 3

Go on the Internet and visit a reverse phone number search website. Websites like and are useful when searching for cell phone numbers.


Step 4

Type the number into the search box and click "Search." The number's location will appear once the search is complete. is limited in the cell phone numbers it has listed, so you may not achieve results. However, does list a large range of cell phone numbers.

Step 5

Use MapQuest Find Me if you own a GPS-enabled Nextel cell phone. Type in the cell phone number and the caller's recent location will show up. However, MapQuest Find Me is only used on cell phone Internet interfaces.


Step 6

Track children and elderly individuals using Wherify Global Location Service Center. Wherify is only used for Wherifone cell phones, but is a great service to use for loved ones you are concerned about.

Step 7

Use Accutracking for tracking Motorola, T-Mobile and BlackBerry users. Ask your cell phone provider to install this service on your cell phone if you want to track these cell phone users. However, you need to have a Motorola, T-Mobile or Blackberry phone to use this service.

Step 8

Turn on e911 on your cell phone. If you need to call 911, emergency crews will be able to locate you.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access

  • Cell or house phone


Online locations services often offer personal information for a small fee. If you feel that you're being contacted by a telemarketer, the service may be worth the cost.


No phone service offers a true cell phone location service. You can purchase equipment that can be used for location tracking, but it is expensive.