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Staying in contact with friends and family members is usually accomplished via a traditional phone or a mobile phone. But with the constant changes in technology, you're no longer obligated to make calls in the same old, boring way. If you have a laptop computer and an Internet connection, you'll soon have the opportunity to make phone calls directly from them.


Step 1

Sign up for a TringMe account to begin making phone calls from your laptop. (See Resources.) On the homepage, click the green "Sign Up Today" button create a new account. A confirmation email containing a password will be quickly sent to your registered email address.

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Step 2

Open the web-based TringMe application by logging into your new account. To get started making calls, you'll need to purchase prepaid credits via your PayPal account. As a user, you'll be able to buy credits in amounts ranging from $5 all the way to $100. After you've made a successful purchase, the ability to call others from your laptop will be fully enabled.


Step 3

Register a free Skype account by visiting its homepage. (See Resources.) Click the "Download" tab to start setting up an account to make calls from your laptop. Once you've arrived on the page, select the green "Download Now" button to save the application to your computer system. Open the Skype application and follow the onscreen prompts to finish the setup.


Step 4

Create a new Skype account when the application has been launched. Click the "Don't Have a Skype Name" link to register for a new username. Enter your full name, a new Skype name and a password. Read the Terms of Service and place a check next to it. Continue entering the necessary information to complete the process. When you're finished, log into your new Skype account and begin making calls from your laptop. Purchase prepaid credits to make calls to non-Skype users or make unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls.



Step 5

Purchase a Magic Jack device to start making calls from your laptop. Visit the product's homepage (see Resources) to gain access to one. On the website, you'll have the chance to view helpful videos about Magic Jack. There's a free 30-day trial to test the device and figure out if it's the best thing for your calling needs. Click on the orange "Click Here For Free Trial" button located on the page. Once you've bought and received the Magic Jack, just insert it into an available USB port on your laptop and plug in a connected line from your phone. As soon as you're ready, press the "Talk" button on your phone, and you will be instantly able to make calls via your laptop.


Always use a high-speed Internet connection when making phone calls from your laptop.



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