My Laser Printer Won't Print & Says User Intervention Is Required

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There are various ways to solve a "User Intervention Required" error on a Laserjet printer.

If you use an HP Laserjet printer, you may encounter an error message saying "User Intervention Required." This error can indicate that a print job has gone into a "Pending" or "Paused" state, or that there is a problem with the driver software for your printer.



HP provides details of the problem on its website. The problem usually occur on PC laptops or when printing across a network. HP offers several fixes for the problem.

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First, check your Windows print queue and ensure the printer is not set as "Paused" or "Working Offline." This can often clear the problem and resume your printing.



The problem can also be caused by printer driver issues. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver. Connecting your printer directly to your computer using a parallel cable may solve the problem, but this may not be practical in all cases as many modern laptop computers do not have a parallel port.




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