Problems With a 2Wire Router

As with any router, the 2Wire routers have been known to have several types of issues. Some require a replacement, while others require action on the part of your Internet service provider. The light status on the router is the best indicator of the source of the problem.

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Problems With a 2Wire Router

Power Cycling

When a 2Wire router is power cycling you will notice the power light will flash. This usually only lasts for a minute then it turns solid green. You can try factory resetting it or plugging it into another outlet, but it usually means that it needs to be replaced.

Hardware Failure

If you are getting a red power light or no power light when you plug it in, it has most likely had a hardware failure. It is also possible that the power adapter is no longer working. In either case, the modem will need to be replaced, because the power adapters are not sold separately.

DSL Failure

If there is an issue with the DSL signal, the DSL light will flash green or red. You should check to make sure everything plugged into a phone jack is filtered. Make sure that you have dial tone on the phone lines. You also should try plugging the modem into a different phone jack. If none of these steps help, you should contact your Internet service provider to have them fix the DSL signal.

Authentication Failure

If the Internet light on the 2Wire router is off or red, that means that it was unable to connect to your Internet service provider's servers. You will need to know the type of connection you are using. This will usually be DHCP or PPPoE. If you are using PPPoE, you also will need to know your user name and password that you were assigned with your account. These settings should be saved in the 2Wire router for it to stay connected. If your information is not working, you should contact your Internet service provider to verify it and make sure the connection is working.


Most 2Wire routers include a one-year warranty. You should contact the Internet service provider you purchased it from originally to check the status of the warranty. If you got it through BestBuy, you should contact 2Wire directly and have your proof of purchase ready.

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