How to Program a TV Remote

When you purchase a new television, the remote that comes with the TV will already be programmed to that particular set. There may come a time, however, when you have to purchase a replacement remote control for a TV set. A new or replacement remote must be programmed for that particular set before the remote will work correctly. While every TV remote control comes with a numerical programming code, you can also program the TV remote without this code if you have misplaced the user manual.

Using codes

Step 1

Turn your television on.

Step 2

Press and hold either the "Code," "Setup" or "Code Search" button that is on your TV remote. Which button is on your remote will be determined by the type of TV remote you are attempting to program.

Step 3

Continue holding the button until the light on the remote begins flashing. If there is no light on the remote, you should hold the remote for about 10-15 seconds before removing your finger from the button.

Step 4

Press and hold the "TV" button on your remote for about five seconds. Do this while pointing the remote towards the TV set.

Step 5

Enter the three- or four-digit programming code for your TV remote. This code will be found either in the user manual or on the back of the TV remote box.

Step 6

Press the "Power" button on the TV remote. If the TV set turns off, you have programmed the remote correctly. Repeat the process from the beginning if the TV did not respond to the remote.

Without codes

Step 1

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 from Section 1.

Step 2

Point the remote at your TV and begin pressing the "Power" button on your remote. Continue pressing the power button until your TV turns off.

Step 3

Attempt to turn your TV on with the remote. If your TV turns on, press the channel and volume buttons on the remote to make sure that your remote is fully programmed. Begin the process again from Step 1 if your TV is not responding to the remote.