Pros and Cons of the Android Phone

By Rebecca Chandos

Would-be smart phone owners often find it difficult to choose between phones running the Android operating system and other popular smart phone models, such as the iPhone or Blackberry. Careful consideration of the pros and cons of Android will enable you to make the right decision for your lifestyle and phone usage.


Pros:Most Android models have a removable battery, which allows users to purchase an extra battery and swap them out.All Android models have the ability to accept an SD card, allowing for expanded storage.Some Android models have physical keyboards.Cons:Most Android models have smaller screens than competing phones, such as the iPhone.Not all models have physical keyboards, which can render typing difficult.The 3.0MP camera packaged with most Android models doesn't produce very good pictures.


Pros:It's possible to run multiple applications at once on Android.Android has excellent integration with Google Apps.Cons:There is no automatic sync between the Android and your PC or Mac, meaning you must install a third-party syncing application or manually sync your Android and computer.


Pros:Android applications do not have to go through the same obscure approvals process as applications for competing phones, meaning there are more niche apps for Android phones.Android makes it simple to download and install non-market applications.Cons:There are 1/10th as many available applications in the Android Market as there are in competitor markets, such as the Apple Store Online.


Pros:The spell check feature on Android delivers multiple word-completion suggestions instead of only one.Android offers seven home screen pages instead of the iPhone's 3 and the Blackberry's 1.Cons:Some models have limited processing speeds, which can make for delays in typing or using applications.There are often multi-button sequences needed to perform simple actions, such as unlocking the phone or checking voicemail.


Pros:There is a large market for Android accessories, and many makers are producing accessories.Cons:Because there are many phones running Android instead of just one, it might be difficult to find accessories for your particular phone model.