Reasons a Remote Control Is Not Working With a TV

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Rule out remote problems one by one.

Most televisions sets come with a remote control, and in fact, with today's TVs it's not always easy to turn the set on, turn up the volume or change the channel without it. If your TV's remote control is not working, don't throw it across the room until you have ruled out all the logical reasons it may be dead.



Verify that you're using the correct size of batteries. Check that the batteries are positioned correctly and are securely in place. Replace the batteries with new batteries. Confirm that the new batteries are good by trying them in something else that works.


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Inspect the infrared beam transmitter on the front of your remote control. Clean the area to remove any dirt or dust. Check the television's infrared beam receptor, removing any dust or dirt. Verify that the area is clear of objects that may interfere with the beam.



Scrutinize the remote buttons. Remove any dirt and grime that may make the buttons sticky. Check all of the buttons individually to make sure they are not stuck in the down position by pressing them one at a time.



Verify that the infrared light is working. Look through the lens of a digital camera. Point the remote at the camera and press any button on the TV remote. If the infrared light is working, you will see red coming from the transmitter light.