How to Return DirecTV Boxes

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Anyone who has services with DirecTV must return the TV box when cancelling service, when the lease agreement is up or when upgrading or downgrading to a new service. Even the boxes which are purchased in stores are returned because DirecTV considers all of the boxes providing TV service as a lease rather than a purchase. When you need to return the box, DirecTV does not allow you to bring the box to a location so you must send it instead.


Step 1

Call DirecTV's customer service number, which is 800-531-5000. Tell the representative that you want to send the box back to the company and your reason and request a pre-addressed shipping box and directions to send the box back to the company. DirecTV requires all customers to return the box through the mail using a box sent from the company. Answer any questions like model and type of box and double –check that the company has the correct address. Wait for the box to come in the mail.


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Step 2

Put the DirecTV box in the shipping box when it arrives in the mail. The box will come with specific directions for packing. Generally, put the DirecTV box into the shipping box and wrap it with an appropriate bubble wrap. It is usually provided.

Step 3

Close the shipping box and tape it closed. The box is pre-addressed and pre-paid for shipping.



Step 4

Take the shipping box with the DirecTV box in it to the U.S. Post Office. Obtain a confirmation and send the box. The confirmation will show when the company receives the box in the mail.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone

  • Shipping box

  • Packing tape



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