How to Set Transparent Background in MS Paint

Moving objects closer together within the same picture is one reason to make an image background transparent in Microsoft Paint. By improving a photo's composition, you get rid of extra space and data in the photograph when you crop it, resulting in a smaller picture with less information to take up space on your hard drive. Another reason to apply this technique is to see how certain objects within a picture will appear against different backgrounds. Learn how to make an image background clear by following these quick and easy steps.

Step 1

Click the second image at the bottom of the Paint desktop, which represents the collection of shapes with a clear, transparent background.

Step 2

Click the dashed square selection tool.

Step 3

Left-click the mouse and drag the mouse to highlight and cover the image or area you would like to apply with a transparent background.

Step 4

Release the mouse and re-select the image, then place it where you would like within the picture in another Paint file.


Save time in access and retrieval when comparing items against each other. By copying and pasting them into one file and viewing them side-by-side, you may realize differences as well as similarities.