Specifications of the Compaq V3000

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The Compaq Presario V3000 laptop is a business-class thin and light model starting at 5.5 lbs and a 14-inch wide screen. This model is built on Intel's Core Duo dual-core processors, although some other models in the series are built on AMD processors. Released in 2007, HP included Windows XP in either the Home or Professional editions, but it can run Windows 7 if configured with at least 1 gigabyte of memory.



Intel's earlier Core Duo processors were used in the V3000, specifically models T2050 through T2600. The clock speeds of these processors range from 1.6 gigahertz to 2.16 GHz. This laptop could also use the Intel Core Solo T1350, which runs at 1.8 GHz. Front-Side Bus speeds range from 533 megahertz to 667 MHz. This FSB speed determines how fast your memory will run, so 667 MHz memory installed on a V300 using a processor with 533 MHz FSB will run at 533 MHz.


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Memory for the V3000 comes in either PC2-5300 or PC2-6400, which run at 533 MHz and 667 MHz, respectively. The memory type is Double-Data Rate 2, so you cannot install DDR or DDR3 memory into this laptop. Memory amounts range from 256 megabytes to 2GB, with the maximum capacity of each stick being 1GB. Because both memory sockets are accessible through a back plate, upgrading a Compaq V3000 laptop is simple.



The V3000 is a 14-inch wide screen laptop using a Wide eXtended Graphics Array type of display. Its standard resolution is 1280 by 768 pixels. Some laptops include HP's BrightView technology, which puts a glossy coating on the screen. According to CNET's review, this model's screen is bright compared to similar models in the other brands.



Hard drive options for the V3000 ranged from a 60GB drive to a 160GB drive. The hard drive for this model includes password-protected security. Speeds for these drives are all 5,400 rotations per minute. A combo CD writer and DVD reader is the standard optical drive. This drive reads and writes CD-R and CD-RW discs and reads all DVD disc types. There was also a combo CD writer and DVD dual-layer writer drive option.



For audio jacks, there is only a one line-in and one line-out, for a microphone and headphones, respectively. Being a business model, it has an infrared lens, and some V3000 laptops include a docking station port. There is a VGA port for connecting a monitor or projector, an S-Video port, a FireWire port, one RJ-11 phone modem jack, one RJ-45 Ethernet jack, three USB ports and one ExpressCard slot.




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