SPUD is a Portable, Umbrella-Like Large Display for Your Phone or Laptop

How would your life be different if you could carry around a magical device that fit in your pocket, but expanded instantly into a 24-inch computer display whenever you needed it? You could connect your phone, tablet, or laptop to it, to watch movies, play games, or even get real work done.

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If you said, "Not at all, that sounds dumb," then keep on walking. But if the idea of projecting your phone's screen on a display that's, say, 20 times larger, anytime you like, is appealing, we've got the Kickstarter for you.

SPUD is the Spontaneous Pop-Up Display, and it is a tiny pico projector that shoots 1280x720 video onto a collapsible screen. The whole contraption is extremely light (it weighs under two pounds) and assembles in less than 10 seconds using a maneuver that's akin to opening an umbrella. Indeed, SPUD sort of looks like an umbrella, or perhaps a tent you'd take on a camping trip thanks to the screen material. It opens rapidly and then collapses and folds up almost as quickly.

It attaches to any laptop, desktop, or mobile device with a standard HDMI cable (you might need to get an HDMI cable for your iPhone, for example, to make this work). The projector has a four-hour battery for mobile operations.


The campaign contends that the display is sharp and bright (though that's hard to assess without testing a real product sample). And it has definite advantages over an ordinary pico projector: you don't need to find a dark space or a white wall to project onto, for starters. And the display is consistently sharp and bright, since it won't vary depending upon how far away the projector is from a wall or other flat surface.


This is a very cool looking product, and one we'd really like to have. Beware, though, it's not cheap, priced at almost $400 on Kickstarter with plans to sell at retail for $500. For some people, this could be amazing. If you do decide to take the plunge, you will have to wait at least until June 2017 for delivery.

Campaign: SPUD

Pledges start at: $389

Campaign ends: 12/15/2016

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