Visual Voice Mail Freezes on My iPhone

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With visual voicemail, you don't have to dial into your voicemail account to know about your messages. Although the visual voicemail feature on an iPhone delivers voicemail directly to your phone, where you can view each one in real time and choose which messages to listen to, the feature freezes if the network connection fails, or if the iOS is behaving abnormally. Apple provides several solutions to restore iPhone's visual voicemail functioning.


Resetting Phone

If the visual voicemail feature is freezing or crashing unexpectedly, restarting the iPhone reboots the phone to solve problems caused by the iOS. To restart the iPhone, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears on the screen. Drag the slider to turn off the iPhone, and then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again to power the device. If visual voicemail continues to freeze, reset the network settings. To reset the network settings, tap "Settings" from the home screen, tap "General," "Reset," and finally, tap "Reset Network Settings." If the feature is still functioning abnormally, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons together until the Apple logo appears to reset the phone.


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Network Connection

Visual voicemail requires a valid network connection to receive incoming voicemails. If you're in a low service area or if the network connection is faulty, the feature freezes. Check the signal status in the top left corner of the iPhone's display. If the signal is extremely weak, you won't be able to use the visual voicemail feature. Make a call. If a "Call Failed" error message appears on the iPhone's screen, the wireless signal is too low to make calls or use the visual voicemail feature.


Updating iPhone

Visual voicemail problems are at times caused by an outdated iOS, so updating your iPhone with iTunes improves system performance. Before updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS, download and install the latest version of iTunes to avoid connection problems. Connect your iPhone to the computer using the USB cable. Launch iTunes, and click the "Check for Update" button on the iPhone's "Summary" tab in iTunes. iTunes connects to the Apple server to download and install the latest iOS. When the process completes, launch visual voicemail.


Tips and Recommendations

If the visual voicemail feature remains problematic, use standard voicemail by dialing your phone number from your phone. Restore your iPhone with iTunes as a final troubleshooting step. Unfortunately, restoring the iPhone erases saved files and settings and restores the phone to the default factory state, so before restoring your iPhone, back up your phone's files with iTunes. After creating a backup copy, click the "Restore" button in the iPhone's "Summary" tab in iTunes to restore the phone. If the visual voicemail problem persists, contact your wireless carrier.