Vtech 5.8 Phone Instructions

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Cordless phones gives people the convenience of being able to carry the phone to different locations in the home.

The Vtech 5.8 is a cordless phone that allows you to add additional handsets to your main phone so that you can have quick access to phones in more than one location in your home. Only the main base has to be attached to a wall jack. The rest of the handsets connect to the main base via a wireless connection. You can access the phone's functions from the main phone, or any of the additional handsets.


Step 1

Open up the back of each handset that came with your Vtech 5.8 system. Plug in each battery to the handset and place the handsets on their chargers.

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Step 2

Plug in the main base of the Vtech phone system. The main base normally is larger than the handsets and has an answering machine attached to it if your phone came with one.


Step 3

Connect the phone line to the main base of the Vtech phone and either the wall jack or modem, if applicable. Consult with your phone company if you are unsure about using the cable modem with your phone.

Step 4

Charge your main cordless phone completely before use. Connect any other phone bases that you may have by placing the charger in an electrical wall plug and attaching the opposite end to the phone base.


Step 5

Set up the answering machine that came with your Vtech 5.8 phone. To activate your voice mail, press the "Answer on/off" button at the base of the main cordless phone. Press "Setup" and then use the arrows to set the number of rings before the answering machine picks up.


Step 6

Press the "Announce" key on your Vtech 5.8 main phone base to listen to the greeting that people hear when they call you. Press "Record" to record a new greeting and then press "Announce" to listen to the greeting.

Step 7

Press "Play" on your Vtech 5.8 main phone base to listen to your voice messages. Press "Delete" to erase messages.


Step 8

Use any of the handsets to place phone calls. If a caller leaves a message, the handset will display that you have voice mail. Listen to the voice mail from your handset by pressing the "Play" symbol. Stop the voice mail by pressing the "Stop" symbol.