My V-Tech Phone Caller ID Is Not Working

When caller ID doesn't work on your V-Tech phone, you are left to rely on your voicemail to screen your calls. Although voicemail is a viable option for avoiding callers, it is not as easy as using your caller ID to avoid unwanted callers. When caller ID is not working, it usually results from interference from other devices or subscription issues.

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If caller ID is not working on your V-Tech phone, ensure that your phone plan includes the feature. Caller ID is a subscription service that requires a monthly fee. If you have not subscribed, contact your service provider to add the feature to your plan. It may take several days before the feature is active. The customer service representative can set the expectations for when it will be activated.

DSL Filter

A DSL filter is necessary if you currently subscribe to DSL through your service provider. Without the filter on every phone line in your home, your V-Tech phone's caller ID may not work. The filter should be connected between the phone jack and your phone's cord. Your service provider can provide you with filters or you can purchase additional filters at an electronics store.


Other appliances or electronics can interfere with the caller ID on your V-Tech phone. If you have the phone's cord plugged into another device, such as a phone splitter cord, remove it and test your caller ID. The other device may be faulty or simply blocking the data transmission containing the caller ID information. If the caller information is displayed, move the other device to another phone jack or outlet.

Additional Troubleshooting

If the V-Tech phone's caller ID is still not working, you have a couple of available options before contacting your provider. Ensure that the person calling is within an area that supports caller ID. Wait for the phone to ring at least twice before answering. The phone needs time to receive the display information. Contact your service provider for assistance if the caller information is still not displayed.

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