What Do the Symbols on Facebook Chat Mean?

By Paul Higgins

Learn the meaning of the symbols that appear either in Messenger or in your desktop Facebook message inbox.

Round symbols that appear next to your messages in the Messenger application on your mobile device show the delivery status of each of your messages. In addition, both the mobile Messenger app and the desktop version of the Facebook website support two other types of symbols that you or your contacts can add to messages: emoticons and stickers.

Delivery Status Symbols

Facebook displays a status icon next to your messages on your mobile device. There are four types of status delivery icons:

  • An empty pale blue circle indicates that Facebook is currently sending your message.
  • A pale blue circle containing a blue check mark shows that Facebook sent your message to the recipient's inbox.
  • A filled blue circle containing a white check mark indicates that Facebook successfully delivered the message to the recipient's device.
  • A circle containing the recipient's profile picture shows that your contact clicked or tapped the message to read it.


Status delivery icons appear both in conversations and in the main Inbox window.



Emoticons are small, static icons that you or your contacts can add to messages to convey emotions or depict actions or items.


View a list of all emoticons Facebook currently supports -- along with the codes that let you insert them into messages -- by visiting FBicons.net, Symbols & Emoticons or TrucchiFacebook.com.



Like emoticons, you can add stickers to messages to portray emotions or actions. Stickers are, however, larger than regular emoticons and can be either static or animated.


  • Add stickers to your messages by tapping or clicking the Smiley icon at the bottom of the chat window.
  • You can also add stickers -- and emoticons -- to regular Facebook posts.