What Is an SMS Bomber?

Cellular phones use a Short Message Service, or SMS, to send text messages. Typically, cellphone users send one message at a time. However, an SMS bomber is a software program that duplicates the same message multiple times and sends all the messages to a friend as a joke. You download the software online and send the SMS bombs using your phone's text-messaging functionality.

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Send duplicate messages to the same recipient with an SMS bomber.
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Software Options

Cellular companies do not provide an SMS bomber in normal text-messaging features. You can locate the free SMS bomber software online. However, programmers design the software for a particular type of phone. For example, some SMS bombers are compatible with Android phones. Others work on iPhones. Follow the download instructions of the software provider to get the bomber on your phone. Examples of websites that provide an SMS bomber or links to several bombers include 4shared, FilesTube and Freeware Pocket PC.


Using an SMS bomber does not typically require any advanced technical skills. You enter the phone number of the receiver, the text message and how many messages you want to send. The software is similar to normal text messaging, with the obvious exception being that you enter a number to send duplicate copies instead of sending only one message to the recipient. Some programs can send unlimited texts, so you need to be careful when you enter the number of messages to send. You should also remember that the messages show you as the sender. An SMS bomber is not a device to secretly spam or trick someone.

Messaging Costs

When using an SMS bomber, your cellular provider charges you what it would normally charge you to send text messages. If you are charged per text, the bombs you send cost you the per-text rate for every message you send. Some cell plans come with unlimited texting. In addition, the recipient of the texts may unexpectedly incur additional text charges or run out of credits if he does not have unlimited texting. Preferably, you should use an SMS bomber only if you know the recipient has an unlimited texting plan.

Provider Contract

When you sign up for service with a cellular provider, you agree to a contract with various terms of use. Contracts often have a clause dealing with abuse of the system. For example, Verizon reserves the right to limit or cancel your account if you spam or engage in abusive messaging. A company could determine that you have abused the messaging system if you use an SMS bomber. This is particularly true if you have a plan for unlimited texting. Excessive use of a bomber could cause you to lose your texting privileges or affect your account status.

Legal Issues

If you repeatedly bomb someone, the recipient could accuse you of harassment or stalking. Because of this, use an SMS bomber only as a joke between friends. If you use it to harass or annoy someone, you could be committing a crime.