What Is ArcSoft Connect?

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ArcSoft has been manufacturing and selling computer software since the mid-1990s. The company primarily creates multimedia imaging technologies and applications, including photo and video editing software, video playback software and -- more recently -- face-recognition and gesture detection software. But whatever your use for an ArcSoft program, you may find ArcSoft Connect on your computer. This program manages your other ArcSoft programs.


Information Center

ArcSoft Connect contains help files for any of the ArcSoft products you have installed on your system. At least, when you click on ArcSoft Connect you will be given the option to view the product manual for your specific software. In addition to this, the software connects to the Internet to bring you the latest news about ArcSoft products. The information -- for both the manuals and news updates -- appears as links in the ArcSoft Connect menus.


Video of the Day


ArcSoft Connect integrates with each of your ArcSoft products as a king of management service. You can either click on the ArcSoft Connect icon in the system tray and then choose one of your products from the submenu to check for updates, or wait until the program tells you that updates are available for your products. When this is the case, ArcSoft connect will flash a message icon in the tray and open Information Center, which then lets you connect to the download site to get free patches and upgrades.



In addition to alerting you to new product updates and corporate information, ArcSoft Connect is required in order to register your products electronically. When you run any unregistered ArcSoft product, ArcSoft connect checks with an online database to verify registration and then sends you a message through the Information Center to remind you to register. After you register your products, you'll have access to ArcSoft's technical support and special promotions.