What is IX Netcom?

IX Netcom (ix.netcom.com) is a domain. Earthlink.net servers control the domain and email. More than 56 hosts share name servers with IX Netcom, while 11 hosts share email servers with it. IX Netcom offers several services to customers.

What is IX Netcom?

Internet Access

IX Netcom offers high-speed Internet access to subscribers. They will need a computer with phone line and modem. IX Netcom allows them to access their Internet accounts through their network via NetCruiser or a Point-to-Point Protocol dialer.

Usenet Access

IX Netcom provides customers with Usenet access. Usenet distributes content on Internet discussion groups worldwide. Subscribers can access bulletin board services through Usenet.

Web Hosting

With IX Netcom web hosting plan, subscribers can obtain free e-commerce solutions and domain names, 15 IP addresses and coupons. The hosting plan includes features such as commerce shopping cart, photos, WordPress, database support, disk storage and data transfer. Subscribers can choose expert basic, business or an unlimited pro plan.


IX Netcom offers a personalized email address subscribers. The email homepage includes web design tools they can use to enhance and personalize the page. IX Netcom also provides security features such as pop-up blocker, antivirus and anti-spyware protection.

Technical Support

IX Netcom provides technical support to all subscribers. If there's a problem with their Internet service or email, they can turn to a self-help support tutorial for assistance. A technical support representative also is available to troubleshoot problems.