What Is the Sony Bravia External Module?

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The Bravia external modules connect to the Bravia TV via USB.
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Some Sony Bravia HDTVs include a rear USB port intended for DMeX/Service Link Modules. A DMeX button on the remote control operates the external module. The four most common Link Modules are the Video Internet module, the HDMI Input module, the DVD Link module and the Wireless Link module. All external modules are sold separately from Sony Bravia TVs.


The Sony DMXNV1 Bravia Video Internet Link is an external component that attaches to the back of the Bravia HDTV. If an Ethernet connection is established, the BVIL streams on-demand entertainment such as movies, TV shows and YouTube videos. The BVIL requires a broadband connection of at least 2.5 Mbps. The BVIL does not provide complete Internet access, but it does stream live media channels.

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The Sony DMeX DMXSW1 HDMI BRAVIA Input Link is another device that connects discreetly to the back of the Bravia HDTV through the DMeX USB port. The HDMI Input Link can connect up to four additional HDMI devices to the Bravia TV, such as a home theater receiver, a Dish Satellite DVR or a DVD recorder. The TV's remote control can switch between the ports.


The Sony DMXDVD Bravia DVD Link Module is a small device with a built-in DVD player. It upgrades the picture quality of the DVD to high definition. The DVD Link Module integrates with the TV's menu navigation system. Insert the DVD and use the DMeX button on the TV's remote control to use the Link Module.

The Sony Bravia Wireless Link Module is a two-piece system that wirelessly transmits HD video and audio from A/V equipment to the Bravia TV. The receiver attaches to the back of the TV and the A/V equipment connects directly to the transmitter. The wireless signal works for up to 65 feet, and the Link Module supports up to five HD sources.