Can I Have Microsoft Firewall Enabled While Running AVG Free?

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Some third-party security applications automatically disable Microsoft's built-in Windows Firewall component upon installation if these applications have their own firewall feature. This is normally done so you won't get multiple prompts to block or allow an application from accessing the business network or the Internet. Disabling Windows Firewall in favor of another firewall solution can be inconvenient since you cannot migrate your Windows Firewall settings and rules to another application. Fortunately, you won't have to worry about disabling your Windows Firewall if you install AVG Free AntiVirus because it doesn't cause any conflicts with Windows Firewall.


AVG Free Version

Windows Firewall can stay enabled because AVG AntiVirus Free only provides virus and spyware protection. Installing AVG AntiVirus Free only disables Windows Defender since it has a similar purpose. Disabling Windows Firewall can leave your computer vulnerable to network attacks since AVG AntiVirus Free lacks its own firewall component.


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AVG Paid Version

AVG AntiVirus Free does feature a Firewall button but clicking on it will prompt you to purchase AVG Internet Security. Windows Firewall will be disabled after installing AVG Internet Security since AVG Internet Security has its own built-in firewall solution.



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