What Can You Do With Microsoft SQL?

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You can use SQL to create, modify, search, and display database information.

Structured Query Language, or SQL, is an International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-governed standard language that is used for database programming. SQL is used for Microsoft and other proprietors' database functions, including data management for online and offline applications. You can use SQL to search existing databases, modify databases and create new databases and database elements.


Access Databases

SQL contains a series of commands that let you search and select records in a database. The SQL language is based on the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) protocol, which stores database information in data tables made up of rows and columns. Certain SQL commands such as the "WHERE" function are used to search these tables of data for desired information.

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Manipulate Databases

A wide variety of SQL commands let you manipulate information that is stored in a Microsoft SQL database. You can use these commands to update the data that is stored in tables, delete data from fields or entire database entries, and reorder data. You can also use SQL to edit forms for viewing a database and to set permissions for database access.


Database Creation

SQL includes the capability to spawn new databases and alter database properties. You can use SQL to create a new database from scratch or from existing information. You can also create new tables or data management algorithms to include in an existing database.



Website Use

You can use SQL in conjunction with other applications to display database information ont he internet. In order to display the information you'll need an RDBMS database such as Microsoft Access and SQL functionality. You'll also need a PHP or ASP scripting program and HTML or CSS code that formats the queried information for general web consumption.



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