What Does It Mean When an iPhone Is Suspended?

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Losing your iPhone not only exposes your personal information to others but also enables another person to access your company emails and use your phone's service for their own use. To keep someone else from accessing and using your missing iPhone, you can voluntary suspend your phone's service by contacting your cellular service provider. You can also suspend your iPhone's service if you won't be using your phone for a period of time. During a voluntary suspension, some providers require you to continue to pay your monthly bill, and some providers allow you to choose to suspend payment.


Involuntary Suspension

An involuntary iPhone suspension can be instigated by your cellular service provider due to nonpayment of your account. Your cellular service provider can also suspend your iPhone due to a violation of your cellular contract, interference with your cellular network's services or misuse of your iPhone. You may be able to resolve an involuntary suspension and you may not. It all depends on your cellular service provider.


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Service Interruption

During a suspension, your iPhone's cellular service is turned off and you cannot make or receive calls, send or receive text messages, forward calls or retrieve voicemails. If someone calls your phone, the party is greeted with a message stating that you are unable to receive calls. Because the iPhone includes built-in Wi-Fi, you can access the Internet through a hotspot or a Wi-Fi network at your office or home. This gives you access to the App Store, websites, Internet-based email accounts and location services.


Account Indication

When your iPhone is suspended, your cellular service provider makes a note on your account of the type of suspension, the starting date of the suspension and the amount of your monthly payment. If the suspension is involuntary due to nonpayment, your account will also list the total amount of any service fees, past due amounts and the amount needed to reconnect your account. If the suspension is involuntary due to a violation not related to paying, the violation is noted on your account along with the date of the violation.



To reconnect a voluntarily suspended iPhone account, contact your cellular service provider and state you would like to reactivate your iPhone. Once your iPhone is working, have an associate call you to test the phone and make sure there are no issues with your service. To reconnect an involuntary suspended iPhone, contact your cellular service provider and arrange to pay the bill including any past due amounts and fees. An involuntary suspension may or may not be resolved if your cellular service provider no longer wants you as a customer due to a contract violation or another issue with your account.




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