YouTube Channels That Will Help You Get in Shape

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Gyms are great if you have the money to belong to one and the time to actually go. But here's some good news — you don't need a gym to get into shape. All you really need is the internet and some floor space somewhere in your house. And of course, you'll also need some motivation.


Millions of fitness instructors have started YouTube channels to help as many people as possible get their fitness on. OK, maybe not millions, but it definitely feels that way. Some YouTube instructors teach full on classes, while others take you through a more targeted routine. Either way, it's kind of like having a personal trainer come to your home, but free!


Check out these popular YouTube fitness channels to see if one might be right for you.


Get a quick workout in with POPSUGAR Fitness or a much longer one. The length of the classes range from five minutes to 40 minutes, but they all promise to test your endurance. Check out Class FitSugar or take a real-time class and sweat alongside fitness experts and celebrity trainers.


Choose between different types of workouts, like the 21-day summer shape-up challenge (example above), ab workouts, butt workouts, full-body workouts, or no-equipment cardio workouts.


LIVEexercise offers 4,300 workouts ranging from bootcamp classes to yoga to MMA. Each class is recorded live, so it feels like you're actually in a class, but in the comfort of your own living room.


They even offer workout options for people with limited mobility, kids, or those who need low-impact workouts.


BeFit offers tons of full-length workouts, many featuring top fitness instructors like Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Billy Blanks Jr., Jane Fonda, Tara Stiles, and Scott Herman. So that's fun.


You can also check out their 30-day fat burn program, which consists of 10 workouts, each 10 minutes long, that are designed to target the abs, arms, thighs, butt, chest, legs and back.


Certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho leads POP Pilates, PIIT28, and bootcamp sculpting workouts to the top music hits. The best part is you don't need much space to get a great workout.


Blogilates is exactly what it sounds like it would be — a combination of a blog and Pilates. Every month, Ho posts a workout calendar that tells you what workouts you should be doing to stay on track, as well as some tips for healthy eating.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is an easy-to-follow workout channel by husband and wife duo Daniel and Kelli. They upload new workout routines every week, with over 500 videos total.


They offer Pilates, bodyweight workouts, HIIT, strength training, cardio, kettlebell, yoga, circuit training, and more. No matter what your fitness levels or goals might be, there's something for everyone.