Here's Where You Can Buy a Wireless Charger for Your New iPhone

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The iPhone X has loads of cool new features, and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have, well, like one or two cool new features. But all three phones have one pretty rad new feature in common: wireless charging.

If you've gotten your hands on any of the new phones, you've probably realized that Apple doesn't supply you with a wireless charger, even though that's one of the most notable updates, and likely the main reason to upgrade to the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus in the first place. No, I'm not bitter (OK, maybe a little).

So, you're left with two options: continue using the old fashioned USB lightning cable with the power adapter that comes in the box, or you can purchase a wireless charging station. The USB lightning cable is obviously going to be the cheaper route, since it's technically "free." But if you want to take advantage of wireless charging, there are a few good charging station options.

The easiest way to get a wireless charger is through the Apple store, which sells two brands. One is the Mophie charging base (in black):

And the other is the Belkin charging pad (in white):

Both are $59.95, and both provide about 20 percent battery life for every 30 minutes on the charging base.

If you don't want to shell out all that money (especially after paying $999 for the X), check out the Otium wireless charger on Amazon:

For $20, you can wirelessly charge your phone at a comparable speed as the chargers sold by Apple. The Otium charges in a vertical position, as opposed to laying it down horizontally.

Here's a super informative video from 9to5Mac, which reviews various wireless chargers:

So, if you want to charge your phone wirelessly, you'll need to pay for it—but you don't need to pay an extra $60 to Apple-endorsed companies when Amazon sells them for much cheaper. Unless you want to—it's your life.