Protect Your Deliveries With This Smart Padlock

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The internet has made it possible for you to basically never leave your home to shop if you don't want to. You can order groceries, diapers, clothes, electronics, alcohol and literally anything you could ever want or need.

And, as you know, the more things you buy, the more packages you receive on your doorstep, and the greater chance someone might help themselves to your goodies when you aren't home.

There's a way to ensure your packages stay safe on your doorstep, and that's with BoxLock Home, a smart padlock for protecting deliveries. All you need to supply is any locking storage container.

To use BoxLock, your delivery driver presses the button on the top of the device to scan the tracking number on your package. The driver opens the bin, places your package safely inside, closes the storage container and locks the lock. The only packages that will unlock the BoxLock are ones that are addressed to you and out for delivery that day.

Compatible with FedEx, UPS, and USPS shipments, the delivery driver scans the shipping label using the weather resistant BoxLock. The device connects via Wi-Fi and sends you an automatic notification when the package is safely inside the BoxLock.

BoxLock is currently raising funds in a Kickstarter campaign and has already more than doubled its goal. For $99, a BoxLock will be sent to your home in August 2018. It would be pretty ironic if that package was stolen off your doorstep, wouldn't it?