Slice Is the App You Need to Make Your Holiday Returns

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Now that the holidays are over (the ones that involve gifts), it's time to make those returns—just when you thought you were done with shopping. Whether your kids have already out grown the shoes you bought them three weeks ago, or if they all of a sudden decided that they aren't into Hatchimals anymore, returns are inevitable. But if you want to make your life a little easier, download Rakuten Slice.


Slice is an app that keeps track of everything you buy online and makes orders and deliveries completely automated and instantly accessible. The app automatically picks up tracking numbers in your email whenever you buy something to help you keep tabs on arrival dates. It also pulls up e-receipts from things you've purchased so you don't have to search through your inbox.

If the price has dropped on something you bough, Slice will send you a notification and help you get a refund. It'll also let you know if something you bought has been recalled.

Download Slice for free for iOS and Android.