A Mom Accidentally Records Her Hilarious Animoji Coughing Fit

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A mom's attempt at sending her daughter an Animoji message didn't exactly go as planned, but it turned out to be hilarious and something you're gonna want to watch on repeat.


Twitter user @nmariesinclair shared a video of her mom's Animoji fail, and it has since gained over 6 million views. Why? Because of an unintentional coughing fit that happened halfway through her message.

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"Y'all. my momma was trynna send my sister an animoji and this is what happened. I died," she wrote on Twitter.


Part of iPhone X's facial recognition feature allows users to transform a 10 second audio message into an animated emoji that mirrors facial expressions in a dozen different Animoji. The Animoji mimics everything... even coughing.

After the video went viral, @nmariesinclair's mom sent another message to her daughter that was as a big of a disaster/blessing as the first.


"You know, Naomi, your mom has bronchitis and you made me go viral," she said just before her coughing got the best of her.

Naomi's mom for the win.