A Breakup Self-Care App That'll Help Mend a Broken Heart

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Breakups are hard. They force you to feel all your feelings—whether you want to or not. It's helpful to have friends to talk through your feelings with, but friends can't always be there when you need them. Plus, they don't always say the things you want or need to hear.


Mend is a self-care app that guides you through the day by day heartbreak. It's a personal coach that offers the support you need on your terms. The program consists of a 28-day heartbreak cleanse, meant to soothe the post-breakup body, mind, and soul.

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You start the program by answering a series of questions about your breakup and how you're feeling.

Mend offers guidance and coaching to help you move on. Each day when you open the app, you're asked how you're feeling, to which you respond with an emoji. Based on your response, Mend offers a three-minute "training" talk that focuses on nurturing your sense of self and redefining your life post breakup. The app also offers guided writing exercises.


The app was developed by Ellie Huerta, who struggled to find the support she needed during her own breakup. Huerta does all the narrating of the trainings and presents topics like sleeping while grieving, self-love, detoxing from an ex, and letting go of your idea of what could have been.

Mend is free to download for iOS, and the monthly subscription is $9.99 or $7.99 for three months.