Lyft's New Shared Saver Offers the Lowest Prices for Rides

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Lyft is rolling out a new ride option that promises to be the most affordable way to ride. With surge-free pricing, you'll always pay the lowest price. You may just have to walk a little.

The new Shared Saver feature is Lyft's version of Uber's Express Pool, which allows you to save money if you walk to catch the ride and walk a little more once dropped off.


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The Lyft app will give you walking directions and the estimated amount of time it'll take you. It'll also tell you your arrival time, as well as the amount you saved compared to a standard Lyft—that way you know your little bit of exercise was worth it.

Here's how it works

Set your destination, then set your ride type to Shared Saver. Tap Confirm pickup area to request your ride. Once your ride is confirmed, you'll be notified where to walk.



The Shared Saver option is currently being offered in Denver and San Jose with other cities to follow.



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