The Smart Nightlight Every Nursery Needs

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Finding the right nightlight for your child's nursery (or even big kid's room) can be a major pain. Some lights are too bright, some are too dim, and no matter what—your child somehow manages to hate all of them.


The only nightlight that has ever worked for my toddler (and will hopefully work for yours) is Eve Flare. It's pricey for a nightlight, but it's worth it.

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Eve Flare is a smart, wireless LED lamp that's HomeKit-enabled and can be controlled by the Eve app. It has a full range of dimming options, as well as color choices. Turn the brightness all the way up or all the way down using your smartphone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Siri.

The light can be completely turned off once your child is asleep without even going into their room. So, whether you don't feel like getting up or your child is a light sleeper—Eve Flare gets it. Plus, it's shaped like a ball, which for some reason is very fun for kids.


The lamp is portable and doesn't have to stay in your child's room. So, when they outgrow it or you want to set the mood in another space, just grab it and place it wherever you want.

Buy Eve Flare here for $100.