Use This Website to Hire a Local Photographer to Capture Your Vacation

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We all love vacations. Whether it's a getaway with friends, a relaxing solo trip to the beach, your honeymoon, or a big family trip, vacations can rejuvenate the soul. But once your trip is over, all you have left are memories and hopefully some decent photos.


Flytographer is a website that's in the business of making sure your photos are way better than decent. Flytographer is a global platform that connects travelers with local photographers to set up candid photo shoots in over 250 destinations worldwide. So, instead of spending your time behind the lens, you can fully experience your getaways and trust that you'll end up with great shots.

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It's a great way to capture important events like proposals and family trips without sacrificing one person always not being in the photo. Plus, the photographer will likely be happy to play amateur tour guide, giving you tips on must-see spots and places to eat.


You can choose a photographer in your destination city by browsing through past photos they've taken, or you can opt to be matched with the first available. The photographer's profile lists more about them, as well as their minimum booking length, pricing, and reviews.


Flytographer's founder Nicole Smith came up with the idea for the site during a trip to Paris with her best friend.

"We were disappointed with the awkward selfies and blurry photos strangers had snapped of us, so we asked a local friend to take some candid shots (from a distance) of us enjoying the city together," Smith told Techwalla. "After 20 minutes of this, I looked at the pictures on my iPhone and realized I had the best souvenir possible: priceless memories with my BFF in our favorite city!"

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