This App Remembers Your to Do List so You Don't Have To

Keeping track of your to do list is about to get easier with Due, an app that lets you set reminders of all the things you have to do.

Setting reminders is super easy and quick, so when you realize you need to grab milk from the store, you can add it to your list in seconds. The app offers 12 customizable buttons, which lets you set your reminder for a specific time with just one tap.

When it comes to getting stuff done, sometimes persistency is key. Due repeatedly notifies you when you haven't yet completed a task until you mark it complete, reschedule it, or turn off the auto snooze.

Of course, life often gets in the way of your to do list, which is why Due makes is easy to postpone your task. No need to even go into the app, all you need to do is postpone it directly from the notification.

The app also lets you set countdown timers that you can use forever to make the perfect soft-boiled egg or to brew your coffee.

Download Due for $4.99 for iOS.