Here's How to Send Your Leftover Halloween Candy to the Troops

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Image Credit: Jill Layton

Halloween is over, and you're probably left with way more candy than you want to deal with. If you don't want your kids snacking on candy for the rest of the year, or if you bought way too much for the trick-or-treaters, consider sending it to the troops.


Operation Gratitude is a non profit that sends your unwanted candy to the troops overseas and at home, first responders, veterans, recruit graduates, wounded heroes and caregivers, and military families. The goal is to put a smile on their faces.

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The group includes a handful of candy in every care package they send. They have some important guidelines to follow for the candy donations, which you can read on their website.


To donate, fill out this product donation form. Once received, you'll get an email with shipping instructions.



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