Craigslist Finally Has an iOS App, Slow Clap

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Craigslist is a little behind the times (like, over a decade behind), but the classified advertisements website finally has an iOS app, with an Android app in beta.


The app looks exactly like the website, simple in appearance with the same functionality. You can create and respond to ads, search through listings under the same categories that exist on the Craigslist website, and you can set up alerts.

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While some may have hoped for an updated version of Craigslist, with security features like verifying listings, others are liking the simplicity that's been around for 24 years.


Since no features have changed, the obvious only difference is you'll now get to use Craigslist on your phone rather than pulling it up on your computer. Which is a pretty welcomed change for users.

Download Craigslist for iOS here.