A Woman Recovering From COVID-19 Explains Her Symptoms

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We've heard a lot about COVID-19 from public health officials, healthcare workers, the president, and social media. Of course, not everyone is providing accurate information. We haven't heard too many details from people who have been infected with the virus and are either recovering or are fully recovered.


Lori Duron is an author and government agency employee who contracted the virus, likely while at work. She went through a harrowing (to put it lightly) 11 days of extreme discomfort, uncertainty, and feeling sicker than she has ever felt. On day 12, she finally started to feel a little better. She, like so many others, felt all the classic COVID symptoms—the ones everyone has been describing: dry cough, high fever, head aches, all while struggling to breathe.

Duron documented her symptoms and experience on her public Instagram page raisingmyrainbow in an effort to give some insight into what the virus can do (to a healthy young person) and the importance of staying home. Aside from the expected symptoms, she also noted one really important takeaway: "It's true what they say. Not all heroes wear capes. A lot of them wear scrubs."


Here's her story:

Stay safe.