Google Put a Photo of the Pixel 4a on Its Store, Then Quickly Took It Down

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Someone over at Google made a pretty big error on Monday. An image of the Pixel 4a was seemingly mistakenly published on Google's Canadian store. It was listed as Nest WiFi, which it clearly is not.


The image appeared in the place of what should have been a photo of Nest WiFi. Google quickly removed the render as soon as the mistake was discovered, but what's posted on the internet lives forever.

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The Pixel 4a is a much-anticipated phone for Android enthusiasts. In fact, pretty much all the details about the phone have already leaked, except for its release date and price—except that it'll be more affordable.


Now that we've seen the first official render of the phone, it's probably safe to assume that its release could be happening soon.

Here's the full image:

It's rumored that the Pixel 4a was authorized by the Federal Communications Commission last month, another reason to believe the release date is coming soon.