Nextdoor Is Helping Your Neighbors Be Less Racist

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Nextdoor is launching a new anti-racist notification, which alerts users if they're about to post something hurtful or offensive, the app announced in a blog post. If the language someone is using in a post is objectionable, a pop up notification will appear before the user is able to publish. The goal is to help protect people of all backgrounds.


The notification detects potentially racist phrases like "all lives matter" and "blue lives matter," because they can be "hurtful to people of color." If offensive language is detected, before the post or comment can be published, the user is given the option to either edit the post or ignore the warning and publish anyway.

If you've been on the Nextdoor app in the past year or two, you're probably very aware of how political and aggressive some conversations have become. The chances of a simple notification changing the mindset of so many is probably unlikely, but hopefully this new feature will help filter out at least some of the hurtful language.

The anti-racism notification will be rolling out this week on web, iOS, and Android.