How to Audio Record on an iPhone

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Recording audio on the iPhone is easier now that the latest firmware versions come standard with the Voice Memos app. If the Voice Memos app isn't appealing, the iPhone App Store has several other audio recording apps for download (a few are free), including some that can record and mix multiple tracks should you need to do so. You can connect an external microphone to the iPhone for crisper recording, but it is not necessary.

Step 1

Launch the audio recording app on the iPhone by pressing the app icon on the screen. If the Voice Memos app is being used, a microphone with a VU meter at the bottom with show up on the screen. A red record button will be on the left side.


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Step 2

Attach the external mic to headphone jack at this time if one is being used. Place the iPhone near the audio source to record the best sound possible.

Step 3

Press "Record" to start recording the audio. A red status bar will appear at the top that says "Recording," and it will display the elapsed time. The "Record" button will convert to a red "Pause" button. Press it if you need to pause the recording.


Step 4

Stop the recording by pressing the black "Stop" button on the right side. To view the recording, press the "List" button, which will be on the right side where the "Stop" button appeared during recording. Here, the recording can be played back, trimmed, emailed, messaged to another person or deleted.


Minimize background noise by placing the iPhone as close to the audio source as possible. Avoid noise interference by keeping the iPhone away from other electronics during recording.


Some external microphones require you to use a download a specific app to record audio. Not all external microphones are compatible with every iPhone model. If you use an external mic, check compatibility.



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