Hands-Free Phone Installation on a Toyota Highlander

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With a Bluetooth headset, some degree of phone operation is still necessary.

Installing a handsfree phone system in your Toyota Highlander could save your life. Unlike simply using a Bluetooth headset, which may still require some degree of distracting phone operation while driving, the Highlander's handsfree system allows you to make and receive calls entirely by voice command. Before you can enjoy the benefits of this handsfree system, you need to configure your equipment to communicate together properly.

Highlander Steps

Step 1

Start the engine but keep the vehicle stationary.

Step 2

Access the Highlander's Bluetooth system controls. Push the "Talk" switch on the steering wheel and turn the "Tune" knob one click to the right. The stereo display should now read "Pair Phone."

Step 3

Record a name for your Bluetooth phone. Push the "Tune" knob in twice so that the display reads "Listening" and then say "My Bluetooth Phone" at the prompt. Wait for the display to switch back to "Pair Phone" before proceeding.

Step 4

Initiate pairing mode. Push the "Talk" switch and say "Confirm" to do this. The system will now wait for the phone to connect to it.

Handset Steps

Step 1

Turn the Bluetooth feature on. Pressing "Menu," "Settings," "Bluetooth" and "On" works for many handsets. Because steps vary widely from phone to phone, consult your phone's user manual if necessary for alternate steps.

Step 2

Scan for Bluetooth devices. Pressing "Menu," "Settings," "Bluetooth" and "Scan for Devices" works for many handsets. Consult your user manual as needed for alternative steps.

Step 3

Select the Toyota Highlander and press "Connect." Enter "9514" as the passkey when prompted to finalize the pairing process. The handsfree installation is now complete.


In order for the Highlander to more clearly hear your vocal commands, roll up all windows and turn the ventilation system to low.