How Can I Transfer Entries From My Email to Facebook?

Facebook offers a number of mobile features, including the ability to make updates via email. You can transfer photos, videos and short messages from your email to your Facebook account by emailing the content to your custom Facebook upload email address. Facebook does not charge for the upload email address, but you should not share it with other people, because anything sent to the email address will be posted to your account.

Step 1

Go to to look up your custom upload email address. Write this address down or copy it to your computer's clipboard.

Step 2

Open the email that you want to transfer to Facebook, and click the "Forward" button. Copy any text from the email that you want to convert into a Facebook status message into the email's subject line.

Step 3

Send the email to your upload email address. Facebook posts any attached photos and videos to your page, and the email's subject line will be used as a status update or caption.


You can get a new upload email account at any time by visiting Make sure all the photos and videos you want to send to Facebook are attached to the email. In some email programs, you may need to select the "Forward with Attachments" option instead of clicking a "Forward" button.


Every photo and video attached to the email will be posted on Facebook, so only send content you want to share. Content submitted by email is shared with everyone on Facebook by default. You can restrict who can see the content by visiting your Facebook privacy page.