How Can I Update My LG TV Firmware?

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Updating your LG TV software can add functionality and improve the performance of your device. For example, software updates can resolve issues with TVs discovered by LG after some TV models are sold. Also, LG software updates are how LG adds new apps to its Smart TVs for customers to access. According to LG, updating the firmware should take less than eight minutes and can be initiated through your LG TV's menu using the remote control.


Step 1

Connect one end of an Ethernet cable into the LAN port on the back of your LG TV.

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Step 2

Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable directly into an available Ethernet port on the back of your broadband modem, if you're not using a wired or wireless router. Alternatively, if you are using a wired or wireless router, connect the other end of the Ethernet cable you connected to your LG TV into an available Ethernet output port on the wired or wireless router that's connected to your broadband modem.


Step 3

Turn on the LG TV and then click "Menu" on the TV's remote control.

Step 4

Select "Network" and then select "Software Updates." A dialog box appears telling you if software updates are available.

Step 5

Select "Update" if an one is detected to run the update. The firmware will download and install. Upon completion of the update, your LG TV will restart.