How Do I Access My Email From Another Computer?

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Whether you are traveling, at school or work or in an Internet cafe, you can access your email accounts from any computer with an Internet connection. This includes being able to access new emails, old saved emails and email account features such as the address book and the composing of new messages.


Access the Internet

Log onto the computer that you want to check your email from. If the computer has a user name and password, enter the information provided to you by the owner of the computer or the person who manages the computer. For example, school computer networks may have individual user names and passwords for each student. Internet cafes and libraries may have a default password used to access Windows.


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Ask an employee, if you are unsure what the user name and password are, in order to access the computer desktop. Some computers may already be logged in, or may not have a password.

Once you are logged on the computer, launch the web browser by clicking its icon on the desktop. Examples of common web browsers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Double-click the icon to launch the web browser.


When the browser opens you may be prompted to enter a user name and password or be automatically directed to a page where you must sign in. In the case of "pay for use" internet access, this information is provided when you pay the cashier or use the on screen payment system to get access. Otherwise you can begin to check your email.


Access Email Accounts

Type in the website where you normally access your email. Enter this information in the address bar, located at the top of the web browser, and press "Enter."

If you use email from your place of work or through an Internet service provider's own email service, visit the website that was provided to you when you first got the email account. If you are accessing a school email account, you will want to direct the browser to the school's main website and log in from there.


Enter your email address (or user name) and password when prompted. If there is an option to "Remember the password" or "Automatically log in", uncheck these options; otherwise, the next person using the computer may be able to access your email accounts.

Once you are logged into your email account, you can perform any tasks you normally do, such as reading emails, replying to emails, deleting emails and composing new emails. Be sure to log out of your email accounts after you are finished by clicking "Sign out" within the email website. Close the web browser when you are finished.